We measure the success of the technology not by the complexity or how big the solution is. On the contrary, we measure it by how useful it serves the people, ease of use but also sophisticated enough to tackle your biggest business challenges e.g. scalability and security.

It’s not easy to balance those two needs, but our technology and platform make customers smiles. We’ve made our mark with innovative solutions and continual improvement in these four areas:

Cloud Apps: With ICHR cloud solutions, you don’t buy or maintain expensive hardware. You get a lower, predictable monthly cost and faster time to value. We deliver continual innovation with automatic upgrades. It’s more flexible, scalable, and secure, and it’s faster than traditional software.

Platform: UniHR and UniPayroll Suites contain a core set of functionality for both HCM and Payroll. You get a seamless, integrated experience that is critical to your workforce administration, talent and payroll as well as encourages sharing information and gaining insight into your business.

Process: We focus on the critical processes in our solutions that get things done, cutting out the cluster and nice to have. We believe it should be made simple and easy to use without hypes.

Mobile: With smartphones and tablet computers, you can take advantage of the power of ICHR solution suites, anytime, anywhere.