Ring the Register !! – Run, Don’t Walk to read this one

If you are in a startup, it would be good for you or anyone to follow Mark Suster’s blog or on twitter, he shared many of his experience and critical thoughts on his blog, for the benefit of many people including us, at ichr. Mark Suster’s blog is at

His most recent blog on “Why you need to ring the freaking cash register” he talked about getting real and do what a business do.

” But some businesses take time to find their magic. And I only know one reason companies go out of business – they run out of money.

Delaying going out of business gives you way more chances at product / market fit than any other strategy I know of. And if your ultimate strategy is a small sale of the business that recovers investment and puts some cash in your pocket – having more time to make this work makes a lot of sense. ”

Run, Don’t Walk to Read this article.





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Great Apps like great love, are to be shared.

We love beautiful an simple apps, great apps like great “hugs” are just fantastic. And best of all, it’s free.

Check out for all the apps you will need like invoicing, receipt and accounting , all on the cloud.

Do what you do best, leave the rest to us. Well said.

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SME and Startup Toolkits Bundle from

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New businesses are launched everyday. I strongly believe that there has never been a better time to start a company.  The cost of launching a business continues to decrease.  The Internet has leveled the playing field so that very small players can reach millions of people as easily as the biggest companies in the world.

With lower startup costs and a vastly expanded market, companies today can reach unprecedented scale with minimal investment. There are also more help and communities of entrepreneurs on the web and in real world to help you.

There are tools and services you will need as you grow and start, e27 has just provide a bundle discounts for the apps, tools and services startup and SME will need along the way.

Go check out the links: to see what you need and grab it.

Happy Startup !

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